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We help families navigate literacy so kids can thrive!

Raising Readers: 
90 day Individualized Literacy Program

A 90 day reading program dedicated to identifying & addressing missing reading skills through:

  • Identification of missing reading skills & individualized intervention plan

  • Weekly 1 on 1 reading instruction for your child

  • Weekly personalized activities to maximize growth & confidence.

  • Parent trainings to empower you

  • at home.

  • Progress tracking of skills mastered through the program.

Family Literacy Consult

This is a one hour consult for your family. Bring me all your literacy and advocacy questions.

  • Where should I start with my child?

  • Should I be concerned about their literacy?

  • Should I be advocating for them for services at school?

  • How do I do that?

  • I want to help at home- can you give me some tips?

Teacher Literacy Consult

YES, teachers! I am here to support you too! Bring all your questions regarding: 

  • literacy

  • learning differences

  • special education

Sponsor a Child

You can now fully or partially sponsor a family & give them access to the essential literacy instruction and advocacy they are missing through J Palin Learning's 90 Day Individualized Literacy Program, Raising Readers. We appreciate you!


How it started

I was a mother before I became a teacher. When I noticed my daughter struggling with her literacy skills and I realized the number of families I had to "turn away" from the support they desperately needed as a special education teacher, I knew I had to do something to create a space and services for these kids. 

I began serving families outside of school and pretty soon, my 90 day literacy program, Raising Readers was born. 

My program is here for YOU!

  • If you have been told your child needs literacy support, but not been given it. 

  • If you have received small group support for them but its not enough. 

  • If you have a brand new reader and don't know where to start.

  • If reading is a constant point of frustration and depleted confidence.



What They’re Saying


"It has been so beneficial to us as parents to understand the rules and techniques so that we can help him when he's at home and remind him that he can do it on his own!"

Would you recommend Raising Readers to someone looking for reading support for their family?

"Yes! The confidence level in our son has grown so high and you can see it in every activity we do!"

What is something your family gained from the program?

" Everywhere we go, he is showing us that he can sound out words on his own. On the signs all around us. In every setting, he is attempting reading and that is something he just didn't even care for before!" 

- The Bush Family

download (1).png

"I almost started to cry when Kadie told me she could read! I could hear her celebrating from outside of her session with Miss Jordan! Kadie is so proud of herself!!!"

What is something you loved most about the program?

Having specific resources to help Kadie with her reading was amazing. Kadie was able to work with lessons independently.

What has your family gained from the program?

My daughter's enthusiasm to learn to read has grown so much, not to mention the confidence that she has gained in the past twelve weeks. I loved sitting outside listening to her celebrate her success each week.

-Kari Rowe


"Ms. Jordan is a gift from above!!! She takes the time to focus on Jax, to encourage him & start where he is!! She gives us simple, effective tasks to work on at home. The frustration that was coming from haphazardly trying to help him IS GONE!! Raising Readers has helped us feel empowered! Miss Jordan walks us through all the steps, she encourages questions and takes time to teach, the parents, us as well!!"
- The Vassers

IMG_8336 2.JPG

“Huge thank you to Jordan & Raising Readers. This month my son passed FOUR reading levels at school! If you have a kiddo looking for an extra boost with school or dealing with the craziness the world has thrown at us lately, I would 100% recommend Jordan. We have boosted confidence, given him tools to problem solve and of course learned to read!"
- The Stoufers


"We have a few sessions left with Miss Jordan and Z just loves going. The progress he has made through Raising Readers is absolutely so impressive.
Miss Jordan's techniques keep him so interested & now Z has been teaching everyone his new rules for reading! He is so proud of his work & he is always eager to do the activities she sends home."
- The Hutchings


"Carlos has been working with Ms. Jordan in the Raising Readers program for 3 weeks now and I can already see a great improvement in his spelling and ability to understand letter sounds and blending while reading. This was a subject that we have struggled with. I'm so thankful!!"
- Sara Garay

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